Nebvex as a part of the cloud architecture

Nebvex aims to integrate existing infrastructure technologies with each other, and to provide enterprise-grade features targeting business part of the cloud.

Nebvex consists of two components - the Nebvex Engine and the Nebvex Portal. Nebvex relies on Red Hat CloudForms orchestrator for managing on-site virtualization platforms, storages and networks together with resources hosted in public clouds. Nebvex Engine and Nebvex Portal use Red Hat CloudForms capabilities to manage infrastructure, and create a layer of cloud business logic on top of it.

Nebvex Engine

Nebvex Engine is an extension for Red Hat CloudForms that implements the following capabilities:

Nebvex Portal

Nebvex Portal is a web application that works in JBoss environment. Nebvex Portal provides Self-Service Portal user interface, reporting dashboards for managers and tools to deploy complex systems from templates for developers.

Nebvex Portal also provides restricted access to virtual machine remote desktop. The portal provides remote console based on HTML5 that runs in any modern web browser on any device. It does not require installation of any additional applications or plugins. The portal acts as a proxy for the user session, the user does not have access to the orchestrator, hypervisors or virtual environment management server. All connections go through Nebvex Portal.

Why Red Hat CloudForms?

We use CloudForms because:

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